Podophyllum Resin BP


CAS no. 9000-55-9

Podophyllum resin, also known as podophyllum or podophyllin, is a resin made from the roots of the American Mandrake (Mayapple). 

It is used in dermatology medications for treatment of various forms of warts. 

BHM Chemicals is a supplier of high quality BP grade Podophyllum Resin.

Highly refined Podophyllotoxin in conformity with Ph. Eur. specification is also available. 

Minimum order quantity: 25kg




Content (Assay)


Matter insoluble in ethanol (96%)

Matter insoluble in 5M ammonia

Loss on drying

Ash content




An amorphous powder varying in colour from light brown to greenish yellow, or brownish grey masses. Partly soluble in hot water, from which it is precipitated on cooling, in ether and in 5M ammonia.

Minimum 50% of Podophyllum Resin

Complies with BP test

The residue weighs not more than 25 mg

The residue weighs not less than 0.18 gm and not more than 0.30 gm

Maximum 5.0%

Maximum 1.0%

Hazardous class 6.1, UN 2811, Packing groupII

Keep container tightly closed in a cool and dry place and protected from light. Protect from contamination by foreign substances.